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Providing Fast, Safe & Reliable 24 Hour Towing - Flat Bed Tow Truck & Wrecker Service.  We also offer Quick & Affordable Automobile Roadside Assistance for Baldwin County, South Alabama, including Loxley, Fairhope, Daphne, Spanish Fort, Foley, Robertsdale, Gulf Shores, Elberta, Bon Secour, Stapleton, Point Clear, Magnolia Springs, Summerdale, Elsanor, Wilcox, Bay Minette...


Towing Service

Whenever you need towing, Mo’s Towing and Roadside Assistance promise you we will be there in no time. We have developed a reputation for quick, friendly, professional, and affordable Towing & Roadside Assistance Service. Our reputation is our business, and our customers have come to trust and recommend us. Our experienced drivers stay educated on new techniques and equipment and utilize effective safety precautions to ensure that you and your vehicle arrive safely to your destination. From lockouts to winch outs, from accident recovery to flat tires, we will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

With around the clock service, you know that there will always be a friendly dispatcher available. All of our trucks are fully outfitted with the latest GPS tracking devices, ensuring that we reach and meet the demand of our customers promptly. Our stranded customers are priority one and our drivers are specially trained to come to the driver’s aid to quickly resolve a stressful situation.


Affordable Towing Service

Need a Local Tow Truck?

If you have a car, truck, motorcycle, or other vehicle that needs to be towed locally – anywhere in Baldwin County, Alabama, Mo’s Towing is the professional, licensed, and friendly Towing and Roadside Assistance Service for you.

We offer 24/7 Towing and Emergency Roadside Assistance for mechanical problems, accident recovery, tire blow-outs, fuel refills, break-downs, locks-outs – for any reason you are not safely in your vehicle and on your way to your destination, one of our friendly, experienced technicians can help.
We will never leave you stranded. Our hauling service will safely and professionally tow your vehicle and you to any local destination you choose at any time you need us. Our towing and roadside assistance service is available 24 hours a day. Mo’s can tow your car, truck or motorcycle to any Auto Service, Dealership, Tire Center, Office, Residence or Backyard Shop in the local Baldwin County, Alabama area. Just give us a call or contact us here, and one of our fast and efficient team members will be in route.

No matter what your towing needs are, Mo’s Towing is up to the challenge! One of our professional staff will take care of all the dirty work associated with repairing, loading, or towing your vehicle. We pride ourselves with State of the Art Equipment and a Trained and Experienced staff who are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers.

If you are looking for a local tow company who is known for their timeliness, safety and reliability, please contact Mo’s Towing 24 hours a day and let one of our friendly professional technicians service your Towing or Emergency Roadside Assistance needs.


Accident Recovery: 

Involved in a Traffic Accident?

The most important thing to do is to make sure that everyone is safe. The next step is to contact the police for an accident report (required by most insurance policies). Unfortunately even in small fender-benders, the vehicles may no longer be safe to drive. When you need an affordable towing company to quickly and safely remove your car from the scene, Mo’s Towing is eager to serve you.

When an accident occurs, a ripple effect can cause delays for everyone. The traffic congestion and bottle necking that often occurs after a traffic accident endangers stranded motorists and increases the chances of another accident. It’s vital for the scene to be cleared quickly and safely, and all involved vehicles transported promptly. The moment Mo’s Towing is contacted, one of our friendly and experienced towing experts will quickly be dispatched to your location. Emergency towing service calls are given top priority, so one of our friendly and professional drivers are dispatched to your local immediately.


24 Hour Emergency Towing & Roadside Assistance 

Has your vehicle broken down?

Mo’s Towing offers 24 hour emergency towing services for all of Baldwin County, Alabama. Our experts will not only tow your truck or car, but will ensure that you are not left stranded. We promise that our friendly and professional technicians will respond quickly and get you on the road in no time. All of our drivers are trained, tested, and experienced to ensure a worry free tow. Regardless of weather, time, or local, Mo’s Towing provides drivers in Baldwin County, Alabama, safe and affordable 24 hour emergency towing service.

All emergency roadside services are responded too immediately @Mo’s Towing. Some of our drivers are also trained fire fighters or rescue responders, so we know how to respond to an emergency quickly and efficiently! Call Us by phone or send a contact request here and one of our friendly professional drivers will be dispatched to your local immediately.


Special Towing Services

Do you think your Auto is Special?

So Does Mo’s Towing! Transporting a specialty car is different than other towing services because there are methods that must be taken to ensure the care and safety of a prized automobile. Some of these specialty cars have been a member of the family for generations. Many also have low ground clearance or other circumstances that require extraordinary care to protect them from damage. Our professionals are auto enthusiasts who will make sure that your vehicle is towed to its destination with all of these safety measures in place.

Our wrecker service is often used for vehicles that have been involved in accidents that have damaged axles, drive shafts, inoperable brakes or missing tires. These heavier wrecker trucks/flatbed trucks are used when vehicles can no longer be towed with a regular light duty tow trucks. These upgraded tow trucks have additional equipment on them that helps to insure the safety of the specialty cars we transport – perfect for sporty or vintage vehicles. Because only car lovers can care this much about your car, we can provide one of the highest standards of service in the area. We know our family of professionals at Mo’s Towing offers the right kind of care when it comes to transporting these special autos, so we fully insure and back our services.


Flatbed Towing

Need a Flatbed Transport?

Our flatbed towing trucks are the most versatile tow trucks in our fleet. These specialized wreckers have the most up to date safety equipment to quickly load and remove an inoperable car or truck from the scene in a hurry. These trucks have a heavy duty winch and ramp system that can safely load your vehicle without causing any additional damage.

Trust one of the Friendly and knowledgeable technicians at Mo’s Towing and Roadside Assistance to quickly transport your vehicle to its destination. If you are stranded, please know that our driver will never leave you on the side of the road. We will gladly transport you to safety too. 


Unwanted Vehicle Removal & Towing

Need to get rid of an unwanted vehicle?

Whether it’s a junk jalopy in the back yard, an insensitive stranger blocking access to your driveway, or a trespasser unlawfully parked in your parking lot, let Mo’s quickly and efficiently remove the problem of an unwanted vehicle for you.

Sometimes a selfish or oblivious driver might park their car where they are not supposed too, and when they do, it can cause real headaches for those they inconvenience. Occasionally, a driver may park illegally, blocking a driveway, a right-of-way, or even an assigned parking place in a private lot! The Mo’s Towing team work closely with local law enforcement to remove these unwanted vehicles as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you want to donate an unwanted vehicle, Mo’s Towing gladly transports these donated vehicles to local charity locations. Several local charities have volunteers and staff that clean, repair, and sell unwanted vehicles to raise money for their causes. If the vehicle is unfixable, we can also transport it to a local junk yard to be recycled.


Motorcycle Towing

Need your Motorcycle Towed?

Not every tow truck can transport a motorcycle. Fortunately, the specially equipped trucks at Mo’s Towing, along with our friendly experienced staff, are able to properly secure and transport your motorcycle safely. Some of our drivers are also riders, so we understand the pride and care given to one’s bike. Mo’s Towing has a stringent motorcycle loading and transporting procedure process to ensure no bike is damaged in our care.

Riding a motorcycle on a warm spring day in Baldwin County, Alabama is an experience that is incredible. Enjoying the gulf breeze along Beach Blvd in the south, the charming towns along HWY 59, and the view of the Bay from Scenic 98 along the Eastern Shore can all be enjoyed along the journey to feed a marshmellow to an alligator on the Causeway.

We understand that owning a motorcycle is a costly investment, and for many of us, a life-long dream. Whether you need a Motorcycle tow or emergency roadside service, The Mo’s Towing family wants to ensure you that we respect that investment, and that your dream is safe with us.

All emergency motorcycle roadside assistance is given the highest priority status. This means that we respond to your emergency immediately! Our operators and dispatchers work together as a team to offer you, our neighbor, efficient and damage-free towing services.


Professional Winch-Outs

Need a Hand?

Whether the reason is mechanical failure, weather conditions, a stray dog, or even having just a bit too much fun in the woods, sometimes vehicles lose control and get stuck. Mo’s Towing has trained and experienced winch out professionals available 24 hours a day to retrieve your vehicle from almost any location in Baldwin County, Alabama. If you’re buried in a sand pile, stuck in the mud, or have slid off into the ditch, trust Mo’s Towing to provide fast and reliable winch-out services for your vehicle without causing any further damage.

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